Links to some of the ten Kilowatts and above stand alone Solar Stirling engines commercial ready systems

Photograph of the Mod 1 (right) and Mod 2 (left) STATUS OF THE ADVANCED DISH DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM PROJECT at the NSTTF in Albuquerque, NM. Because of significant improvements in system efficiency, the mirror areas are partially covered to avoid overpowering the generator (Mod 1) and the water pump motor (Mod 2). Reference Richard B. Diver/Sandia National Laboratories



EuroDish system in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India.



Stirling Energy Systems’ Dish-Stirling systems on test at
Huntington Beach, California



Links to Innovators in Energy Conversion  

Better Machines for a better World at  

The RemoteGen Stirling-cycle based technologies that exceed life and reliability requirements for critical applications at  

WhisperGen micro combined heat and power (microCHP) home power generation system from  

MicroGen CHP (Combined Heat+Power) co-generation units are designed to work in individual households, providing hot water, home heating, and electricity. Running on natural gas, the CHP units are supposed to cut 25% off an average energy bill, and produce far fewer emissions than standard home furnaces/water heaters.



  Professor Abraham Kribus at for Research and the courses he teaches and much more.

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